Park City has long been known as a pet-friendly, animal-loving community. Unfortunately, if a severe injury inflicted our family pet the closest emergency option was in Salt Lake City. That has all changed with the opening of Bark City Veterinary Specialists, a clinic and surgical center located on Highway 224.

As you walk into the practice you are greeted with a feeling of peace. The large open spaces exude serenity and familiarity. Although this is a world-renowned surgical clinic, your pet will think they are walking into a neighbor’s home to meet a new friend.

According to Dr. Brian Beale, board-certified veterinary surgeon, “Our clinic is staffed with the specialists that train specialists. We are also furnished with the most sophisticated MRI, CT Scan and surgical equipment.” Unique for our community, Bark City is where local veterinarians collaborate and refer patients for treatment, ensuring the best care and recovery for our beloved animal friends.

Dr. Beale is world-renowned for his state-of-the-art techniques and knowledge. From Thailand to Australia, Dr. Beale travels the globe teaching students his cutting-edge surgical procedures and strategies. Specialists from all over the world use his revolutionary procedure for dogs with ACL injuries. His arthroscopic minimally-invasive TPLO (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy) surgery allows for a quicker recovery and less pain. He also utilizes a 3D scanner to create replacement tissue and structures for severely damaged body parts. In addition to the surgical practice, the specialists at Bark City extend their knowledge and training to fellow veterinarians at the new local Continuing Education Center.

Not only is the focus on pet care and continuing education, the practice collaborates with local animal shelters, like Paws for Life, Fetch and Nuzzles & Company, providing medical care to homeless animals in need. As Dr. Beale proudly states, “It brings me personal satisfaction to care for these animals and make an unadoptable pet adoptable.”

As Bark City expands, locals can look forward to a 24-hour emergency room, along with an on-site dog park and trail. Also, while waiting for their loved one, pet owners will be able to enjoy a coffee and snack at the community café.

As their main focus is on the individual experience of the animal, each patient leaves the clinic feeling healthier and happier. Bark City’s motto says it all, “If animals could talk, they’d talk about us.”

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SOURCEBrandi Christoffersen
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