After a year at home, the beauty of the everyday details has become so important. William Morris famously said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Additionally, the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts has New West KnifeWorks’ aim is to provide tools for the kitchen and field that meet both requirements. Their knives have been called “as beautiful as they are useful” by New York Times, and “razor sharp and gorgeous” by Forbes. One-of-a kind Rock Blocks and Resin Magnets represent the epitome of this ideal.

In a recent interview with New West founder, Corey Milligan, food writer, Amiel Stanek shared, “I’ve been worshiping at the altar of New West for years, and their blades have been my ace in the hole when I’m seeking out the perfect gift for friends and family who love the kitchen as much as I do.”

New West applied their knife expertise to creating a sleek, precision-engineered Glory Folder pocket knife and new hunting knives for their MTN MAN Toy Shop line.They’ve also built a state-of-the-art forge at their factory in Victor, Idaho for knife making prodigy, Jack Rellstab, to make wildly captivating custom Damascus knives.

Experience these artisan tools first hand at their new, expanded location, complete with indoor tomahawk throwing demo-area at 625 Main Street!

New West KnifeWorks | MTN Man Toy Shop: 625 Main Street, Park City | 435-214-7460

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