Julie Miles makes the impossible seem possible. As a force in fashion and friendship, Julie goes above and beyond for her community. And as a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor, Julie is committed to living a life filled with creativity and love.

A world-renowned jewelry designer, Julie created the Infinity Love bracelet to support children and families in their fights against cancer. With her collections in stores from Park City to Bali, proceeds from the Infinity Love bracelet support local families battling cancer. Stores work with local hospitals to identify families in need, then deliver the proceeds to help children battling cancer.

As a cancer survivor, Julie knows the toll it takes emotionally, physically and financially. She notes, “Chemo is expensive.” Just this last fall in Bali, Julie connected with a group of women known as “Th e Champagne Club.” In a few hours, Julie raised enough money to support the sickest children by raffling a necklace and asking members of the Champagne Club, “How many Infinity Love bracelets would you like to buy?”

In addition to providing much needed support to families with cancer, the Infinity Love bracelet generates funds to stop human trafficking in Nepal and purchase books in Bali. Julie insists that the money raised from her gift of jewelry remain in the community where it was purchased. “Children are our future and it is essential to give back to our future,” explains Julie
While Julie considers Park City and Florida home, she travels the world and encourages the stores that carry her designs to give back to their local communities.

Here in Park City, Julie customized the Infinity Love bracelet for the National Ability Center (NAC). Featuring custom leather and the NAC logo and the “jm,” the bracelet is available on the National Ability Center’s website. “I’m proud to support the National Ability Center, their adaptive sports programming and their ‘I can’ mantra,” notes Julie.

Then during the pandemic in 2020, Julie notes, “I stayed home in Florida and I loved every second of it.” Th e shut down was just what the doctor ordered for Julie. She could not travel and was able to “stay home and be present.” Throughout COVID-19, Julie reinvented and restyled her business with live trunk shows on Instagram. Recognizing the need people had for community, Julie hosted daily events on social media. With laughter, conversation and virtual cocktails, friends, clients and loved ones met up for inspiration. You can find Julie at juliemilesresort.com or @juliemileslove.

Julie says, “the pandemic made me realize that I can be still. It opened me up for new ways to be creative.” She also amusingly admits that she “was guilty of what everyone else did—I re-decorated and I got a dog.”

Enter Lulu Diamond—Julie’s fluffy white Bichon Poodle. “She brings so much joy and happiness to my life. I always thought I had a great life, and I did, but Lulu takes life to a different level,” says Julie.

At home, Julie and Lulu have routines built around trust and contentment. In the morning, they play Julie’s Tibetan bowls. Laughing, Julie notes, “When I use the smudge stick, Lulu follows and tries to lick the smoke.” They are a team—Julie and Lulu. They go everywhere together.

“Lulu is calming. Her presence makes everything better,” says Julie. While Lulu, like Julie, sparkles, she is also a spitfire. When they travel, Lulu is in charge of checking out the room and keeping everyone around her, especially Julie, safe and smiling. You can follow her on Instagram at luludiamondlove for international travel tips and playful pictures.

And now, inspired by Lulu, new Julie Miles collections are ready to launch. Additionally, the line is expanding to include pet accessories, like designer harnesses. Julie couldn’t help but notice that dog accessories were generic and ordinary. And because Lulu Diamond is anything but generic and ordinary, she deserves unique custom accessories.

Because Park City will always be home for Julie, she is thrilled to have her jewelry line featured at Hunter Gatherer on Main Street. And, as ever, Julie (and Lulu) will continue to go to infinity and beyond with generosity, optimism and grace.

SOURCEJulie Hooker
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