“Fine.” That is the most common response Dr. Stephanie Singer hears when she asks patients about their sex life. Fine is not good enough. Let’s talk about sex.

“After almost twenty years in Park City, I changed my practice to focus on gynecology, age management, aesthetic, and sexual health because they are all related to overall well-being and longevity,” notes Dr. Stephanie Singer.

Healthy sexual activity has a number of benefits—from lowering your blood pressure and risk of heart attack to increasing your libido. That’s right. The more sex you have, the better it gets. For women, having sex increases vaginal lubrication, blood flow and elasticity—this makes sex feel better. Having healthy sex eases stress and improves sleep, plus it counts as exercise.

For years talking about sex was taboo; no one voluntarily shared intimacy issues related to dryness, sensitivity, pain and lack of desire. But now, with 50 looking like JLo in stilettos instead of Blanche in sensible shoes from The Golden Girls, everyone is talking about sex.

Ahead of her time, Dr. Singer has never shied away from the conversation. At Park City Gynecology and Park City Medesthetix, Singer starts the conversation and offers tangible treatments for both men and women.

In less than ten minutes, the O Shot, one of the only treatments for female sexual dysfunction can be administered with immediate results. This safe and effective procedure stimulates stem cells to grow healthy and vibrant vaginal tissue.

Similarly, the P Shot will support erectile function in men. It will strengthen and straighten the penis while increasing circulation and sensation.

Another easy procedure is Viveve—a feminine toning and tightening treatment that boosts collagen and rejuvenates vaginal tissue.

Procedures can be performed for couples in a single day in the privacy of the Park City Medesthetix Spa.

In addition to the immediate health benefits, including taking fewer sick days, a healthy sex life increases longevity and quality of life. Along with supporting sexual health, Park City Medesthetix offers Vampire procedures to ease the effects of aging.

When talking about sex with patients, Dr. Singer explains, “It’s about intimacy. For young people, it is lacking because they don’t know how to be intimate; couples make it less of a priority.” Dr. Singer will work through the issues and advise accordingly.

Dr. Singer recommends talking with your health care provider. Workups and treatments can vary greatly from person to person.