Red Ledges, Utah


Years ago, Joyce Jordan, rodeo queen, and her husband Tony Burns, settled in the Heber Valley of Utah and, like many, instantly fell in love with the beauty and awe of the land. Joyce’s family, one of the original settlers, had a ranch at the base of the Jordanelle Reservoir, now named after the family. Nearly 40 years ago, they began acquiring the land on the eastern slope of the valley, land that is today known as Red Ledges.

Red Ledges is a private golf community that boasts spectacular views and thoughtfully planned neighborhoods of custom luxury mountain homes, cabins and cottages. The premier development feels far away from the rest of the world while still providing access to the Heber Valley and all it has to offer. The 2,000 acres of land features an Equestrian Center, golf school, tennis school, and activities center.

“Red Ledges is where you can build or buy a home and enjoy all of our amenities in your backyard,” said Hilary Greene, marketing director. “We make it easy to experience the rugged Western lifestyle.”

The community is a vibrant part of the Heber Valley, yet still maintains a feeling of seclusion. Although some services, such as the golf and tennis schools, are offered to the public, there is always plenty of privacy. In the summer, mountain biking and hiking are popular options. In the winter, owners enjoy access to pristine private trails via snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing and horseback riding.

The equestrian center is a particularly attractive amenity enjoyed by Red Ledges members. There’s nothing quite like a trail ride on a horse to truly experience the Western life. Brenda Metzger, owner of the Red Ledges Equestrian Center exclaimed, “For us, every day is a day to celebrate where we are, how we are and the great blessing we get to share through horses with anyone that wants to spend time with us. Every day is a gift that is so special, we try to honor it each and every day.”

Horses are boarded for both private Red Ledges members and the public. Anyone can take horsemanship classes, which teach people everything they want to know about being on our or around these majestic animals safely. “We help people understand the part of getting to the West that horses played.” Metzger said. “It’s the same land our settler ancestors rode on. It doesn’t take much imagination to close your eyes, see and feel what they felt, as you ride on the same land that they crossed. In the past, horses helped us pull our wagons, helped us get food and delivered mail, and today they make great service animals for police and therapeutic animals.”

Metzger proudly said, “The founders and developers of Red Ledges have deep roots in the community, the Western lifestyle and rodeo. We try to facilitate that through the experiences we offer and members get priority so they can enjoy all the amenities.” Imagine waking up in quiet, natural beauty looking out at the Jordanelle, surrounded by the mountains and trails of the Heber Valley. In the winter, you see snow-capped mountains and in the summer the legendary red rocks. Even the architecture of your home fits in with the cowboy feel of the land, and the streets throughout the community are named after local mountain peaks. “These are not just second homes,” Greene said. “These are people who are living their lives every day.”

It truly is no surprise that Red Ledges is the “most successful private destination community in the Park City area.” As Metzger proudly stated, “We’re different and we want to be different. Building a connection with the Western lifestyle is the best part of the experience for many. It’s built on the know-how of exploring nature, enjoying the original Jordanelle Reservoir and all it has to offer.”