Velvaere Mayflower Mountain Resort

Velvaere Embraces the Future

The latest luxury resort development being constructed in Park City is a far cry from its historic 15th-century English ship namesake. The new Mayflower Mountain Resort is taking shape on the backside of Deer Valley on 6,800 acres overlooking the Jordanelle Reservoir and situated next to the esteemed Deer Valley Resort.

It’s hard to miss the construction project consuming the swath of land that previously sat idle and undisturbed alongside highway U.S. 40 as you make the drive from Park City to Heber. Development is in full swing on three luxury, lifestyle-branded hotels, ski lifts and gondolas, a pedestrian village comparable to Park City’s Historic Main Street with shopping, restaurants, cafes and pubs, plus more than 1,000 private residences ranging from estate lots to luxury condominiums. The first properties began selling like hotcakes in 2022 at the Marcella Ski and Golf Community. Other real estate options include the Mayflower at Lakeside and the Grand Hyatt. For trailblazers and adventure seekers looking for a one-of-a-kind purchasing opportunity, it should be mentioned that Mayflower Resort offers the opportunity to buy into a new major American ski resort for the first time since Deer Valley Resort opened in 1981.

There is also a new technologically advanced enclave of luxury homes being developed by Magleby Construction at Mayflower Resort. It is known as Velvaere, a Norwegian word that translates to “a state of well-being where nature and surroundings are intrinsically linked to being whole,” a concept so fitting for the serene mountain landscape of Park City. These new homes will be designed using highly immersive technology not yet seen in home construction, and are intended to promote wellness and intentional living.

This unique 60-acre community brought to you by Magleby Development, whose projects also include the Stein Eriksen Residences in Deer Valley, is the future of home building. Magleby’s vision for the 115 residences in this development brings nature and serene mountain surroundings together with holistic lifestyle and wellness opportunities. Magleby Construction is revolutionizing what it means to live well by creating an atmosphere that fosters well-being, tangible health benefits and personal growth with these high-tech, holistic homes. Homes that are becoming the new “luxury” in home design and construction.

The spectacular Velvaere community will consist of 12 three-bedroom chalet-style cabins projected to start from $4M, along with 68 four-and five-bedroom paired residences built with personal wellness sanctuaries starting at $5M. Thirty-five custom curated estates are also planned, each one up to 3.3 acres of pristine mountain land with homes starting at $12M, all intricately woven through epic ski runs and lifts. Positioning itself as the healthiest home development in America, Velvaere’s first residences are slated for completion by early 2024.

Each residence at Velvaere will feature an environmentally futuristic design along with personalized holistic environments and customized amenities transforming each space into its own sanctuary. Magleby Construction has intentionally focused on incorporating what they believe to be the three pillars of a healthy environment into each home: air, water and light. These tech-savvy modern masterpieces will go far beyond the smart technology and efficiencies of today’s homes, moving toward intrinsic, immersive technology. For starters, these holistic homes will feature top-of-the-line air purification and water filtration systems designed to block toxins and pollutants. And, Velvaere homes will feature integrated circadian rhythm lighting designed to adjust automatically to the natural color temperature of the light outside, designed to not only improve your mood but also optimize your sleep. Each Velvaere home will be built around customized wellness experiences based on the homeowner’s choice proven to improve mood, health and overall well-being. Homeowners can choose to include modalities such as halotherapy, which can improve breathing and lung function; in-home light therapy, known to heal and rejuvenate the body and skin; dry sauna; steam room and plunge pool.

“Our vision is to create a community where health, well-being and a better future is at the forefront of every amenity, experience and residence,” said Chad Magleby, CEO of Magleby Development.

Beyond healthy homes that boast the best lighting and purest air and water, the Velvaere community will offer world-class facilities designed with advanced technological features and personalized transformative experiences for its residents. Its 12,000-square-foot wellness center and stand-alone adventure center can be considered a country club for wellness. It will render holistic healing and wellness modalities like halotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, IV therapy, cryotherapy, and will be the base point for skiing, hiking, biking and other outdoor wilderness recreation. Homeowners and residents at Velvaere will have access to a full-service restaurant, après-ski beach, gear storage, an outdoor pool and hot tub, outdoor amphitheater and tennis courts. And, nothing beats the convenience of being less than 200 feet from ski-in, ski-outaccess to North America’s newest 6,000-acre ski resort complete with 4,300 skiable acres, 3,200 vertical feet, 12 chairlifts plus 2-stage gondolas. Of course, the most exciting development recently announced to the public is Mayflower’s addition of an exclusive Tiger Woods-designed 18-hole championship golf course.

Velvaere showcases the benefits of an all-encompassing and immersive living experience. It is certain to be the new trend among builders who will begin focusing on communities built with well-being in mind. The high-tech, holistic approach to home building is the wave of the future.