It’s time to welcome summer by transforming your home from warm and cozy to light and airy. From indoor entertaining to outdoor recreating, we’ve asked some of Park City’s home design experts to give us their go-to tips for freshening up our spaces for the summer. These simple fixes will help lighten up your home and won’t require a lot of time or money to do it.

Laura Asyeerne & Meg Salem: Robert Kelly Home
Summer is always a time to refresh and reconnect to your home. One way to keep your space both airy and light while catering to daily routines is to combine season-appropriate textiles such as rattan pillows, sisal rugs, Belgium linen bedding and earthenware ceramic bowls.

Ann Olson: Park City Blind & Design
Focus on the windows. Clean windows allow for more light and better views. Switch out your drapes for light and airy materials to give the space a fresh new feel. If you have large windows that let in too much sun during the summer, consider sunscreen shades that help block the harmful UV rays but still allow you to see out.

Cathy Hemsley: Hamilton Park Interiors
Accessories are the jewelry of the room. Bring color and interest into your space using a variety of accessories. Use items in shades that complement the dominant color in the area. Group items together for interest. Flowers, houseplants, candles or books with colorful spines are great ways to introduce color into a grouping. Adding decorative pillows allows you to play with color, pattern and texture.

Rotate your accessories in and out when you want to change from a particular color choice. This can be done seasonally to change the look or feel of the room. Have fun and express yourself!

Dan Sluga: Wasatch Back Paint & Floor
A fresh coat of paint can make a room look brand new. A color change is one of the easiest ways to transform from winter to summer. To complement the warm days and clear skies, try a soft rosy hue or a calm powder blue. Or choose a design theme and paint one wall to accent the room.

Marion Boland: Right at Home
For a quick décor update, stop by Right at Home and check out their eclectic, highly personalized merchandise selection. Bring in the piece you would like to replace, and Marion’s team will help you come up with a new look. You can also reconsign your old item and let it bring renewed joy to someone else.

SOURCEAmber Qalagari
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