Thirty six years ago, Kris and Wayne Witzel fell in love—with each other and with a shared passion for quality eyewear. They were married within just five months of meeting and started their optical business shortly thereafter. No one thought their marriage or business would last. Th ree and a half decades later, Image Eyes Optical has expanded to include three new locations. Their customer loyalty spans three generations of devoted patrons, and they continue to cultivate what is truly one of the finest independent eyewear selections in the world.

Despite the odds, their small business perseveres because the Witzels genuinely love what they do. Their favorite topic of conversation naturally flows from work to the dinner table, filling their home with a shared bond and inspiring that same passion in their children. Two of their daughters, Melina and Amelya, chose to pursue the family business upon graduating college. They have enjoyed rewarding careers at Image Eyes Optical ever since. “We’re weird about it,” Kris joked. Fortunately, obsession is at the heart of expertise. They seek out and attain the most exclusive inventory, including Anne Et Valentin, Theo, Mykita, Lindberg, Jacques Marie Mage, Salt and more. After that, they edge, grind and finish the lenses to fit each custom frame. Their luxury collection and extensive knowledge impress even the most discerning eyewear connoisseurs.

However, their customer service is what truly sets Image Eyes Optical apart. Nothing gives the Witzels more joy than matching the right pair of glasses to the right customer. All of their glasses are fashionable, functional and of the highest quality, but that’s just the beginning. Th e Witzels get to know each customer, then carefully assemble selections tailored to the unique personality and lifestyle of the wearer. In fact, they care so much, they have even been known to tell customers, “No, you cannot buy that,” when the fit isn’t right. Don’t be surprised if the family banters among themselves, each adamantly defending their favorite pick for you. It is this same dedication to customer service that brought them to Park City in the fi rst place. They noticed that a lot of Park City locals were making the drive to visit their Salt Lake locations. “We felt like we should be able to service Park City locals up here,” Kris explained, so they opened the Main Street location in hopes of offering the Park City community an incomparable eyewear shopping experience from home. For more information visit

By Caitlin Burris