Park City Massage, Spa and Yoga


Zen is a popular school of Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition. It allows you to reach a state of calm, in which your actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort. Connecting to your Zen space can provide balance and clarity for your mind, body and soul. There are numerous ways to reach a state of Zen, from yoga to a deep muscle massage.

With all the daily stresses and clamors swirling around us, we could all use a moment of serenity. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to let a close friend or loved one know you’re thinking about their wellbeing by giving them a few minutes of tranquility? We put together a list of local shops and services where you can find that perfect gift of Zen.

The Chakra Spa Packages at Aura Spa and Boutique provide balance and vitality for the entire spirit. Empower your friend to choose the chakra that aligns best with their soul. Packages include the Third Eye Chakra that channels intuition and a balanced state of mind with a Red Dessert Clay wrap and massage and the Throat Chakra that improves the ability to verbalize and express one’s truth with a Sea Salt Glo and massage.

Stretching benefits both your physical well-being and your mental health, as it allows the blood and oxygen to flow better, improving mental clarity. The Stretch Lab provides a unique wellness concept, offering customized assisted-stretch sessions in a comfortable setting. Gift your friend an EGift Card and they can book a one-on-one 25 or 50 minute session with a certified Flexologist.

Massage provides a healthy release for the body and mind and allows for calm and soothing energy to enter. By bestowing a massage to your loved one, you are helping them gain inner balance. Alpen & Hyde specializes in the healing arts and one of their most popular treatments is the Swedish massage. The soothing, long-stroking technique delivers comfort, reduces stress and eases the body back into balance.

A local favorite, the Moroccan Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment will calm the mind and nurture the soul. It begins with a scalp, neck and shoulder massage as the Moroccan Oil moisturizes the scalp. After the oil is worked into the hair, it’s all wrapped in a steaming towel, while the arms, hands, legs and feet are massaged. The experience finishes with a gentle hair rinse of warm cascading water.

Let the team at Mountain Elite Massage help you create an unforgettable gift bag with items produced by Utah artisans and purchase a gift card to treat your favorite twosome to a relaxing and peaceful couples massage.

One of the most popular methods used to achieve a sense of peace and calm is yoga. Purchase a group of yoga passes and share them with your friends. At PC Yoga Collective you also experience the added joy of radiant heating technology, which is used in neonatal beds and for MS therapy. The heat warms the body from within so there’s no risk of over-stretching. Seasoned instructors bring their experiences while creating a class that combines dynamic movement and soulful engagement.

Stop into Hemped Park City and pick up the Glow Up Collagen Powder and Radiance Body Oil for the ideal Zen-inspired gift. The powder brightens and hydrates your skin with an all-natural mix of collagen peptides and vitamins. And the body oil will keep you moisturized and stress-free for hours with its soothing effects. It is a powerful formula containing 300 mg of CBD and 100 mg CBG from organically grown hemp extract, blended with botanical oils such as evening primrose and tea seed oil