Baby, it’s cold outside. When the winter weather sets in, people want their indoor spaces to be warm, inviting and comfortable. After all, we spend a lot more time inside during the winter months and small touches can make such a big difference when creating a space that welcomes lingering or lounging. These Park City experts have several tips that are not costly, require minimal effort and most importantly, are great ways to add extra comfort to your home when the temperature reads ‘frigid’.

“Adding luxurious throws, pillows, rugs, velvet and even plaid drapery helps to warm up a space,” said Ann Olson, Park City Blinds. “Candles, lanterns and opening up south side window coverings to let in more sun in the winter is also helpful. Adding thicker blankets and warmer tones can be in incorporated into any room to make it feel cozier and are an inexpensive way to bring warmth into your home.

“Appealing to your sense of smell is just as important as textures and colors that you see,“ said Katelyn Torres, Hamilton Park Interiors. “Smells like lavender and eucalyptus are really subtle ways to incorporate those nice earthy smells that have a very calming effect on us. Another trend we are seeing for winter are colors with warmer and natural tones. Clay, terra cotta and deep greens, a very grounding color that makes it easy to settle into your space. Accessorizing with wood bowls and wood vase fillers are a great, and inexpensive way to create warmth as well.

“Pulling a room together with textures and depth of colors using draperies and matching pillows in warm tones will help the dynamics of a room,” said Jeff Blum of Budget Blinds. “Th e simplicity of shades in a room can also help make a home more welcoming, said Jess Baldwin from Budget Blinds. “We have motorized blinds and blinds where you can set certain scenes in the room. You can set your shades to go down in a room when you know your windows are going to get blasted with heat.”

“There’s a return to earth tones in textures and furnishings heading into fall and winter,” said Kelly Wallman, of San Francisco Design. “In the bedroom, warm cozy bedding in whites and ecru with faux fur and woven coverlets, pillows and throws, alongside natural oak dressers, night stand four poster beds are on trend. Plants, plants and more plants are not only good for your mood and environment, but they are a natural fi lter to clean the air. During the cold months we all yearn for a cozy fi re and to surround ourselves in the things we love.”

“The differences in winter finishing touches are pulling out cozy blankets, faux fur and adding a down comforter in the bedroom for those cold winter nights,” said Suzanne McCammon, owner of Oohs & Aahs Furniture and Design. “Lighting is so much more important in the winter because our days are shorter. When it is dark at 5:30 pm, you can still have a nice warm glow in your home, by adding floor lighting. Rugs add a layer of warmth to a space, especially on cold wood or tile floors.”

During the holiday months and with winter guests visiting your home, Kandace Maynard from Wasatch Lighting recommends having portable lamps around to make a quick and easy transition to brighten up your entertainment space and create a feeling of warm and cozy. In addition, the winter months are a great time to replace the bulbs in your outdoor lights with new, brighter bulbs to add warm night lighting.

SOURCEAimee Cook
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