Meet Architect Gage Duran of GDArch

If you’re considering building a home but want the design to incorporate both the natural surroundings and your personal style, then Gage Duran of GDArch is the architect for you. Whether you’re looking for a rustic mountain cabin or a modern masterpiece, Duran will make your dream home a reality. “Park City is great,” Duran said. “Whether you’re a mountain enthusiast, a shopping aficionado or an outdoor adventurer, there is something for every type of person, and everyone is welcome. The sense of community is one of the many things I love about this area and it continually inspires my imagination and creativity. ”

Architect GageDuran of GDArchMany architects specialize in designing homes that blend into the landscape, but few have actually built them nationwide. Duran is a native of Chicago and he has lived all over the globe. Upon graduating from USC School of Architecture and then receiving a masters from Jefferson University Sustainable Design, Duran has practical knowledge complimented by a creative distinctive eye. This combination allows for Duran to design some truly innovative projects that don’t break the bank. He is adept at achieving the “wow” factor while balancing efficiency and artistry, skills he learned working on commercial projects. “I care about the end, I am really involved and really engaged in the projects with my clients,” said Duran. “I am here to help, and I know most of the answers having worked everything from rehabs to mansions.”

As a person who not only finds delight in the details, but also one who believes in exceptional customer service, Duran gets into the weeds, so to speak, with all his builds. He aims to understand where all the pieces should fit while still considering the end product. His clients’ experience the benefit of having their architect work closely with an interior designer and other contractors. This type of collaboration lends itself to a well-rounded process and builds trust amongst everyone involved. Exclaimed Duran, “Being in Park City, I’ve learned how much affinity people have for the area. That energizes me to create a space that really expresses my client’s individualism, whether I’m designing a year-round residence or summer retirement home. I worry about views, how construction is going to work etc. Every site is an exciting opportunity for me.”

In addition, Duran’s firm utilizes the latest technology in 3D drafting software to design an accurate depiction of the project. From there the 3D model is exported into a Virtual Reality (VR) model that allows the client to get realistic views, manipulate materials and make real-time adjustments to their blueprints. Designing a home on a mountain side comes with its own set of nuances and Duran enjoys taking his client’s vision and making it a beautiful reality.

With his passion, experience and innovation, Duran is much more than an architect, he is truly a dream maker.

SOURCEAimee L Cook
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