Achieve you extra curricular passion with Picabo Academy.

Park City has long been home to many notable athletes and a number of Olympic Champions. With our unsurpassed four season landscape, there are abundant training opportunities for athletes from multiple fields and disciplines. As a community that supports and encourages the dreams of our children it is no wonder Park City has become a natural fit for families with aspiring young athletes to call home.

93For these serious young athletes in our community, one of the biggest challenges they may face in their development may not be increasing speed or agility, but balancing the rigors of school and intense seasonal training schedules. Parents worry about missed school days and balancing academic and athletic achievement while their young athletes worry about finding the time they need to stay competitive in their sport and school.

Elite athlete and Olympic Champion Picabo Street started her national training when she was only 15 years old. As a young athlete, balancing the rigors of competitions and training interfered with her ability to attend and excel in a traditional school setting. It was with this profound understanding of the challenges traditional school schedules create for elite athletes that drove Picabo Street, alongside co-founders Michelle Demschar and Dan Kemp, to create an education solution that could be tailored to individual students. With the opening of the Picabo Street Academy, families finally have an option to help balance the rigors of training and education.

Unlike other school programs that focus on winter athletes, Picabo Street Academy is open to all students who wish to participate at a higher level in their extracurricular activities. Students wishing to excel in sports, music, dance, and other arts without sacrificing a quality education can attend this year-round brick and mortar program that works with each student to develop an individual and customized school schedule.

The Picabo Street Academy strives to create an “Exceptional and Individualized Education” for its students. Combining virtual curriculum and a classroom environment where students can complete core classes and participate in elective and AP classes at a pace, and on a schedule, that works for them. With Picabo Street Academy there is no longer a need for students to sacrifice their future education opportunities as they pursue their dreams; and as the mother of competitive swimmer Audrey noted, “Our family time is now spent relaxed and Audrey for the first time ever is enjoying school and actually learning.”

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