Looking for some sore muscle relief or a quick boost to your mood or metabolism? Th e Cryo Lodge of Park City may just top your list of new places to do so. Their cryotherapy chambers can relieve muscle strain and joint pain by reducing inflammation throughout the entire body, in less than three minutes. Localized treatments can isolate a specific area and provide a treatment comparable to deep-tissue massage/six hours of icing — all in one!

It may sound like something from a science fiction movie, but this type of therapy has actually been utilized since 1978. Cryotherapy originated when Dr. Toshimo Yamaguchi began using freezing treatments for arthritis patients. It appeared to be an effective pain management treatment by decreasing pain sensitivity and inflammation. Today, whole body cryotherapy chambers work by chilling the outer layer of skin to sub-zero temperatures. Upon warming, the body responds by entering a fi ght-or-fl ight response, increasing metabolism, endorphins and blood oxygen levels.

Cryotherapy’s recent increased popularity is due to its effectiveness as a treatment for joint pain and muscle recovery. Elite athletes find treatments, like Cryo Lodge’s NormaTec system, give them an extra edge in their training and recovery process. NormaTec uses dynamic compression known as pulsing, which mimics the muscle pump of the legs/arms and employs the three elements of recovery — pulsing, gradients and distal release. Post-surgery patients find that cryotherapy speeds recovery by accelerating muscle repair and reducing pain. Facials and localized treatments help increase skin’s firmness, and can help combat acne, rosacea and eczema!

The benefits of cryotherapy can be realized aft er only one session, providing instant relief from pain and inflammation. Repair of damaged muscles or lasting joint pain relief may be evident with three to five sessions. An entire system restart (moving the body into repair stage) may be seen with seven back-to-back treatments. Recent studies show cryotherapy can positively affect mood with the release of endorphins, so even if you’re pain free, you can stop by for a three-minute energy and mood boost!

This summer, visit the coolest place in Park City, Cryo Lodge — Whole Body Cryotherapy. They offer numerous packages and discounts, and walk-ins are welcome. For more information visit

By Denys Manninen

SOURCEBy Denys Manninen
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