Consciously or not, color has a powerful emotional effect on the way we feel.

By Laura Jackson

page133The colors we wear can change our entire attitude for the day, as well as affect others’ perceptions of us at work and at play.  We asked some of our favorite fashionistas to share their perspectives on the role of color in a wardrobe.

Most of us can think of a color that just makes us feel great every time we wear it. Or a color that feels awkward. It may not be as straightforward as feeling red with rage, green with envy,
passionately purple or having the blues, but on some days those age-old expressions seem to fit perfectly. Just as in English, many other languages also rely on color metaphors to express emotions. Did you know Germans go yellow with envy and black with rage, whereas the Chinese refer to a red- eyed jealous monster?

It’s personal

Different colors send subconscious signals to our brain and affect our mood without us even noticing. Millions of dollars in market research go toward this cause each year, deciphering which colors will make consumers feel loyalty towardsa product, hungry, excited, happy or sad. Although there are overall trends, and always a hot color pick of the season, color choice is a very individual thing. “Figuring out which color is best should be done on a trial and error basis,” said Mary Black of HILDA. “Sometimes we look good in a color we may not even like. As much as designers can dictate which color is ‘in’ for the season, it is best to find what works for you.”

Mood boosters

When it’s raining outside, do you grab the drab grey sweater and mope out the door, or do you choose your brightest scarf to chase off the storm? Brenda Biljanic of BB’S recommends, “Adding a pastel
or seasonal bright camisole, tee shirt or scarf can instantly perk up a tired wardrobe.” “For me, turquoise is a color that always makes me feel happy. A piece of jewelry or a simple bag adds a bright splash of personality…or you can go bolder with a turquoise dress or jeans,” said Carol Phillips of WHIMSY.

Luz Emma of VIDA advises, “Brighten your mood and your wardrobe this spring and summer with must-have vibrant shades, such as blue, pink and yellow.”

Complimenting colors

A well-spoken compliment may be the best gift ever. So the next time someone tells you your eyes look as deep as the sea, remember what color you’re wearing.
“For me, I get compliments every time I wear a light blue or turquoise color, and those two colors are probably my least favorite! A good, honest salesperson can help guide you to find the right color,” said Black.
Emma believes, “You can dress to impress while feeling perfectly comfy in our collared shirts. The turquoise color will bring out your eyes, and the tan you have been hiding all winter.”
“Most women can always wear a shade of soft purple or quartz and get compliments,” said Phillips. “They may shy away from the color, but it is a shade that looks great on everyone.”

Finding your confidence color

The old adage of never getting a second chance to make a first impression is as true as ever. Research shows that whether you are on a job interview, a first date, or meeting a potential client, color is often the first thing someone notices.
Some classics never go out of style. Phillips explains, “My favorite confidence color is still black. The ‘little black dress’ is as timeless as ever… and being almost 6 feet tall, why not embrace it?” She also recommends to clients wanting to add bold color to their wardrobes, “Start with a small item and go from there. It doesn’t do you any good to buy a bright colored item and then have it sit in your closet. A bag or shoes are simple ways to add
color that isn’t intimidating.”
“On days when you are not feeling too bold, throw on a brightly colored cami underneath a deep-cut top or sweater. Adding just a splash of color will help you stand out,” said Holmes.

In pursuit of color

“Another fun fashion trend and a great way to add some color is nail polish,” said Biljanic. “Super brights to neons and pastels are everywhere.”
“In our world of casual, blue in any shade mixes well with classic styles or boho chic,” said Phillips. “And this summer the ‘mint’ color of the turquoise palette can be seen in abundance, mixing well with denim, pastels or brights.”
According to Biljanic, “The march of the colored jeans continues and is a perfect way to show some color crazy attitude! I say choose one of your ‘happy colors’ for your top and a more trendy bright like yellow for your bottom.”

“When I first opened shop in 1996, I didn’t even carry jeans. And then came colored jeans!” explains Gina DiSera of BELLA FORTE BOUTIQUE. “I now fill my store with options to fit every woman’s
individual favorite color. From lipstick red jeans with little black bicycles to jades, two-tones, prints and more.” DiSera’s advice: “We all have a favorite color we love to don, let’s do it below the waist. It’s fun, energetic and playful. Neutrals on top… color on the bottom.”

In the words of one of fashion’s truest legends: “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you”—Coco Chanel

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