By Laura Jackson

130Down through the ages, their magical properties have been used as a cure for madness, protection against evil spirits, a remedy for nightmares and a talisman for love. Long ago soldiers believed if worn into battle, diamonds would bring extra strength and courage. They were used as religious icons in ancient India, and engraving tools far back into early human history.

They’ve been called fallen splinters from twinkling stars, gifts from the end of each of Cupid’s arrows, and the sign of an extinguishable flame of love.

Marilyn Monroe told us they were simply a girl’s best friend.

131bIts symbols are as numerous as its beauty is rare, as our long-standing love affair with diamonds continues. In Park City, where you can find luxuries of every variety, diamonds are no exception.

Part of the mystique of diamonds is that no two are the same. Among the exclusive jewelry you can find at OC Tanner’s Park City location are the stunning ASHOKA® diamonds by William Goldberg. Named for a named Ashoka, the raw diamonds were pulled from the earth of an Indian mine centuries ago. William Goldberg was later inspired to create a cut so unique and distinctive that it was granted its own patent.

131Their iconic Jamie Ring contains a .90 carat ASHOKA® diamond with 62 facets, set in platinum, and is coveted for both its rarity and unbelievable sparkle.

131cOne of a diamond’s most valuable attributes is found in its uncanny ability to bend or slow light that passes through it. A diamond can play its amazing reflecting trick better than any other colorless substance because of its unrivaled hardness. Salt Lake City’s Shane Co. understood this quality perfectly when they created their dramatic 18-inch Round Diamond Journey Pendant. Its highlight is the seven round sparkling diamonds at approximately 2.91 carats total weight (ctw), hand-matched and selected for exquisite fire and brilliance. The gorgeous pendant hangs from a 14k white-gold box chain.

Whether it’s a symbol of commitment, love, status, or an unmistakable appreciation for beauty, wearing an exclusive jewel will always mean different things to the very different people who wear them. The shimmer and sparkle of the top layer of snow was the inspiration for Park City Jewelers’ Diamond Snowflake Tennis Bracelet, featured in 14k white gold with 2.75 ctw in dazzling diamonds. Like Mother Nature’s snowflakes, each one of their custom pieces is unique, but also guaranteed to glisten long after the real snow has melted into spring.

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