By Allyson Hogan

Remember when you were a child, and you despaired over the fact babies, there’s not a lot of variety. There’s the standard “dressy” pair, the stuffed-animal kind, the ones your great-aunt knitted and, that the “older kids” had all the cool clothes? Thanks to specialty shops in Park City, babies can be stylin’ as soon as moms want and, let’s face it, these days that can be pdq. So throw-out those blah one-sies and the toddler outfits you forced yourself to buy from a catalogue — this little ski town’s got you covered.

Even the one-sies at Baby Nee Nee’s are remarkably on-trend. The one with the chevron design? (Do you have that in my size?) How about those hoodies? C’mon! Baby Nee Nee’s collections include “gender neutral,” an option that these days is about more than guessing whether “it’s a boy or a girl.”

Remember those pale yellow and mint green choices we pored-over — reluctantly buying one while wishing for something a little more… anything? Look no more. Now you can choose among giraffes and stars and owls and snowflakes, not only for babies but their older siblings. A school uniform might be in their futures, so go ahead and indulge them — and yourself — while they’re young.
What about shoes? Typically, for babies, there’s not a lot of variety. There’s the standard “dressy” pair, the stuffed-animal kind, the ones your great=aunt knotted and, given our weather, perhaps some toddler boots. But do they have handmade leather shoes, made in the U.S.? Cade & Co does. Slip-on designs are easy for mom, and the suede soles protect those brave little feet, ready to take that first “step for mankind.” One thing Cade & Co doesn’t do? They don’t do bland. Beach wear, fringed mocs, peace signs and boarders (featured in the Sport Collection), in colors like blackberry and forest green. They have traditional lines, as well, including the coziest-looking bedroom slippers ever.

If you want to treat your children and yourself, J.W. Allen & Sons tempts your palate and your youthful memories with a great selection of retro candies, accompanied by the store’s collection of nostalgic toys and board games. Worry not, there are plenty of “current” toys and games, as well as winter seasonal favorites like sleds and other kinds of boards.

Remember, they’re never too young — and we’re never too old — to shop. Looking for style and comfort (and utility) for children? We’ve got you covered.

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