The number of women-owned businesses continue to increase year to year. A recent study by American Express indicated that 42% of American businesses are owned by women and their impact on the economy is indisputable. From employment opportunities they provide to unique goods and services, these women and their companies are a vital part of the Park City landscape.

Mountain Town Olive Oil
This gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar store opened in 2009 and offers more than 50 flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegars, some unique blends like Tuscan Herb Olive oil and Jalapeno balsamic vinegar. Sales associates are very knowledge on how to use the various products in recipes as well as other ideas for usage.

“There was nothing like this on Main Street when I opened,” said owner, Jessica McCleary. “Park City is the right clientele for something like this, and visitors tend to have more time to shop. I love to cook at home and focus on the healthy food aspect.”

Barbarian Barbering Co.
After being a barber for several years, and enduring the unsolicited advances of a former client, Jenna Pinegar came up with the name for her business after said client suggested she was ‘barbaric’ for not wanting to date him. Pinegar opened Barbarian Barbering Co. in 2017, and says beards are one of her specialties, and enjoys trying different styles with them.

“Park City just always felt like home,” Pinegar said. “I love being in the mountains, I love the community, everyone seems to really take care of each other and it just made sense.”

Summit Gallery
Since opening in 2018, Megan McIntire has enjoyed bringing various types of art mediums and mixed media to the public. Mountain and modern pieces are very prevalent in her gallery and are expressed in sculpture’s and driftwood pieces as well as on canvas.

“I have a passion for the arts, and I love connecting people with art that moves them,” McIntire said. “I have always loved Park City. It’s a place that feels small and quaint, but we get to work with collectors from all over the world.”

Community support, tenacity and a passion for what they do continue to inspire these women and fellow female entrepreneurs around the state. Moving the needle one business at a time.