Recently, it seems, many authors have gone back to following the well-known advice of “write what you love.” This certainly seems the case in our small mountain town, where Park City locals provide entertaining and informative stories about everything from hiking to mediation. Whether you’re looking to relax and reap the benefits of the calming mountain air or you’re hoping to get the most out of our scenic terrain, open one of these easy-to-read guides and absorb the plethora of knowledge provided through their enjoyable pages.

A Walker’s Guide to Park City, written by Beverly Hurwitz MD, takes you along 30 fun courses from Old Town to Kimball Junction and the ski resorts. Most of the routes in this guidebook are on paved surfaces. It also provides useful guidelines regarding fitness, safety and trail etiquette along with a history of Park City’s ecology and cultural assets.

Park City Hiking Guide also written by Beverly Hurwitz MD, proves that all that is required to enjoy the stunning scenery of this charming town is some insider knowledge and a well shod pair of feet. The guide provides maps and directions accessing and navigating 45 hikes around Park City’s complicated trail system. This handy reference also provides valuable information about how to deal with potential hiking challenges.

Shamanic Wisdom for a Shifting World by Nancy Wastcoat M.Ed. and Michael J Garbett Ed.D.
This compilation of 20 years of work, study and travel among Peruvian healers, anthropologists and archeologists is a profound weaving of ancient knowledge into today’s daily lives. The book is full of pithy insights to bring “a sense of openness, harmony, wholeness and contentment in your life.” Explore the wisdom throughout this book and enjoy the beautiful photographs and quotes.

You can find all three of these books online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Or stop by Dolly’s Bookstore and have them order you a copy to pick up.