Detail from Habitation by Heather Patterson Acrylic on Canvas, 45" x 45"

Celebrate our 1st Anniversary at “The Rock” Friday, December 27th, 2019 6-9pm

We couldn’t be happier with our move up the street! J GO Gallery has an exciting vibrancy in our new space at 268 Main and we are celebrating! Please join us for the festivities.

  • Unveiling new artwork by new J GO artists Suhas Bhujbal, Sarah Carter, Meagen Svendsen & Deedee Lantzy.
  • New original artwork by the talented J GO Gallery artist family
  • Live cabaret featuring Lisa Needham and Rich Wyman
  • Lite bites and beverages
  • Artist conversations

Introducing 4 New Artists

Suhas Bhujbal

Suhas Bhujbal captures abundant ambiance, mood and movement in his figurative paintings. Many of his giant pieces brim with people and color, pulling the viewer into vibrant imaginary settings; others are informed by his regular meditation practice, with an overwhelming peacefulness apparent in his canvases. The Daily Journal Burlingame, CA

Flower Market Oil on Canvas 66″ x 60″

Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter is a former interior design product designer. She notes that her eye responds to line, form, and color. She pushes the world she sees into an abstracted but recognizable play of color, texture and geometry.

She is attracted to clean composition, color, pattern and texture. After years of the controlled specification required for production of custom rugs and other home furnishings products, Carter is enjoying the immediacy of paint on her brush, color at her finger tips, the smell, the feel, and the constant surprises of painting.

Homing In Oil on Canvas, 20″ x 40″

Meagen Svendsen
Svendsens’ vernacular of ceramic works reference the shared impact and cross-pollination of the human-made and natural world. Informed by my years living in France, Japan, Mexico and Russia, I explore tensions between the perception of nature as exotic other and the practical implications of scientific findings on the interconnection between animals and humanity.

Perched Swallows and Nests Ceramic and Stoneware


Deedee Lantzy
Lantzy graduated from LSU with a BA in Landscape Architecture. Her mixed media and resin art is inspired by experiences both seen and felt. She delights in capturing the essence of a moment, the beauty of a sunset, the layers of a rock formation, the vastness of our universe and the delicate nature of a feather .

Detail Mixed media and resin on panel, 72″ x 4″


J GO Gallery is now in the Rockwell Listening Room at 268 Main Street; a creative community event space. In addition to contemporary fine art on exhibit, a plethora of different types of events happen within the gallery. Stoked Roasters + Coffee House is also in the space, making J GO Gallery Park City’s most beautiful and vibrant spot on Main Street to enjoy art with your coffee.

If you are looking for a sophisticated venue for your next event, contact us for rental rates and details, 435.649.1006.

Upcoming Events in J GO Gallery at The Rock



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Tickets are available here.


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