What started out as Maxine Turner’s small deli and catering service over 30 years ago has grown into Cuisine Unlimited — one of Utah’s most prestigious event and catering services.

Cuisine Unlimited Catering & Special Events has been selected as the exclusive food and beverage service provider for the new Eccles Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City. Services include concessions, pre-show receptions, and dining at the Encore Bistro. The Encore Bistro, located in the theatres grand lobby, is open weekdays for breakfast and lunch, as well as pre-show dinners.

Unique to the Encore Bistro is the aspect of its innovative themed dining experience. “Pre-show dinner menus will be inspired by the genre, setting, or the characters of the show,” explains Marketing Director Derek Deitsch. “The Encore Bistro will enhance the theatre experience.”

The new Eccles Theatre and Encore Bistro are ideal venues for private events, including weddings, corporate functions, and more. Cuisine Unlimited also offers private catering services at a variety of other venues, and is the preferred caterer for the Sundance Film Festival.


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