Made in Park City was founded to promote and sell products made locally. We are here to be a source for learning about each company as well as a convenient location to purchase all things local. We are here for gifting local, sending authentic souvenirs, and stocking local products for your own home and family. The variety and creativity will astound you, the quality will impress you.

While returning home from one of my many travels, I was once again empty-handed. During my stay, I did not have the time to shop or gain knowledge of where to find locally made, authentic, souvenirs and gifts. That’s when I decided to start up Made in Park

We have created a convenient way to purchase souvenirs and gifts as well as a valued source of information on the local entrepreneurs and artisans who make these products locally. How much more meaningful are those products when you learn the story behind them and their creators? Now you can easily avoid the relabled ‘made in china’ mass produced products and have a singular source for authentic souvenirs, gifts, and everyday items. Our website creates a singular source to access and purchase these goods online, have them shipped home for you, and easily find them online in the future.

Welcome to Made in Park City.
Abby Hatch

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