Ten years ago it seemed like a lofty, if not radical, idea: A 24-hour online community fundraiser to benefit all of the nonprofit organizations in Park City. When the Park City Community Foundation first ideated the concept, many local charities agreed to give it a shot, but few were overly confident Live PC Give PC would work, much less turn into the highly anticipated and crucial annual fundraising event it is today.

“In 2011, online giving was still a relatively new concept,” noted Katie Wright, the Community Foundation’s executive director. “Back then, many organizations didn’t even have a social media page yet. So the idea of a digital fundraiser was pretty new.”

But what started with a ‘let’s give it a go’ shrug quickly morphed into one of the most important days of the year for the community, local nonprofit organizations, and donors. Since its inception, Live PC Give PC has raised over $16 million for community organizations and served as an incubator for several others, including Eat Awesome Things at School (EATS), a 501-C3 dedicated to creating a healthier community through food and nutrition advocacy.

Now a popular entrée on the nonprofit menu, EATS was once just a small hors d’oeuvre, made up of a few volunteer parents who wanted their kids to have more nutritional lunch options at school.

Live PC Give PC provide EATS with a platform to raise money and today the organization has a small staff who host cooking classes and offer gardening programs in area schools.

“It was really fun to see their creativity and excitement for their mission,” Katie added. “The first year they participated, EATS volunteers dressed up as fruits and vegetables and really brought awareness to their mission. Now, when you see a giant carrot holding a sign or marching in a parade, you know it’s for EATS.”

While the success of the event is no small potato, Katie says the Community Foundation is most proud of how the entire community gathers to celebrate and participate in the event. “The depth of the involvement is really rewarding. Second homeowners, tourists, and high school kids want to give back to the nonprofits that have made Park City a better place to live, work and play. Even young elementary students save their allowance to be part of Live PC Give PC.”

Live PC Give PC is held annually on the first Friday in November, but donations can be made to your favorite nonprofit any day of the year. ■

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