Studies say that eight in ten Americans experience a myriad of stress in their daily lives and as a result often have a hard time relaxing their bodies and calming their minds. Putting them at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses. Of the mass offerings aimed at fighting, reducing and preventing stress, from exercise to yoga, mindfulness meditation has proven to be a formidable commodity in the wellness world. And now, thanks to founder Cindy Hallows, Park City locals and visitors alike are able to access this truly powerful tool.

Haum Meditation opened its doors on February 3rd, 2019 with a primary focus on offering group guided meditation classes and mindfulness education to Park City and the surrounding communities. The studio offers over 30 group classes that include guided still and moving meditations, yoga, sound baths, and numerous other mindfulness practices. In addition to group guided classes, they also offer private instruction and corporate wellness passes.

All of the classes allow the practitioner to experience a state of mindfulness and relaxation, inviting a deep connection within themselves and to the entire Park City community. Hallows recently worked with the Park City Breast Cancer Support Group, hosting a guided meditation for the group and have a few up and coming support meditations. New to Haum’s schedule is a weekly Satsang, a free community gathering on Sunday evenings where individuals are welcome to go into the studio, enjoy soothing warm tea and discuss life, philosophy and spirituality. Says Hallows, “Haum Meditation offers wisdom that each and every one of us carry within, we just need to be reminded and taught how to retrieve the information we already have.”

SOURCEAlex Frisch
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