We all know that everything you could ever want—from ski poles to dog bowls, yoga mats to baseball hats—can be purchased online. It’s all just a click away. However, many Parkites forgo online shopping in support of local business. Park City’s thriving community is brimming with local shops, restaurants and artisan goods. With so many quality products sold right here in Park City, why turn to the World Wide Web?

Today, online shopping is no longer limited to global retailers. Many small businesses are selling their products online too. In fact, the internet has given local businesses a global platform. Many shops on Historic Main Street, sell merchandise in-store and online. Deer Valley Resort’s famous turkey chili is sold anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The Jans Mountain Outfitters website offers everything from activewear to full-suspension mountain bikes. Shopping from your computer is not limited to brand new purchases either.

Community yard sale forums like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist make it easy to thrift from the convenience of your favorite coffee shop.