Historically, announcing a trip to the dentist’s office has been known to cause anxiety, dread, and flat-out denial of any oral issue—and that’s just the tactics adults use to avoid an appointment. But the Park City pediatric dental practice, Burg Children’s Dentistry, has created an environment so kid friendly, it’s possible the little people won’t know the difference between the dentist and Disneyland.

Brightly colored play rooms, games, books, toys, movies, and even superhero capes are all part of the experience. Pint-sized patients are encouraged to channel their inner “Molar Man” and “Incisor Girl” super powers and fight evil villains like “Ginger Vitis” and “Professor Plaque,” all while receiving a personalized exam, teeth cleaning, and oral health tips, from dentists and staff uniquely trained to put children (and their parents) at ease.

Burg Children’s Dentistry is conveniently located in Prospector, and while they specialize in pediatric dentistry, they also offer orthodontic services and after-hours emergency care. A wide-variety of insurance plans are accepted and financing is also available.

It is time to schedule a dread-free appointment.