Relaxed & rejuvinated, return to your day with a refreshed “Serenity”

A single spa treatment can be truly transformative, allowing your restless mind to take solace in the restorative power of an exfoliating facial or full body massage. Imagine what an entire day at the spa could do for your well-being. Pamper your body, mind and spirit with the ultimate spa day at Serenity Spa at Westgate.

In a seamless procession of exceptional service, a friendly bellman will valet your car, while a guest services member escorts you to the spa. Stepping into Serenity is like transporting yourself to a misty oasis. Every detail, from heavenly wafts of citrus lavender, to the peaceful music and soft candlelight, contribute to this tranquil ambiance.

Your welcoming receptionist will offer you a hot towel, provide you with a complete tour of all the amenities and guide you to your personal locker. Here you will find your plush robe, sandals, mints and a welcome bag with product samples and a personalized message.
Prepare to indulge in an abundance of relaxing amenities. Enjoy the steam room, dry cedar sauna and the hydrotherapy whirlpool. For deep relaxation, allow the waterfall feature to cascade over your shoulders. Once you’ve fully embraced all the amenity offerings, slip into your plush robe and slippers and head to your spa service.

One favorite option is the Signature Retreat Package, which offers four full hours of bliss, including your choice of either a 110 minute massage or facial, as well as a manicure and pedicure. This package is fully customizable, allowing you to choose from options like hot oil scalp treatments, bamboo hair masks and sacred stone samplers. You also select your own personal scent journey as part of this signature offering.

Conclude your treatment in the relaxation lounge, where you can decompress by the fireplace and savor the delicate refreshments. Then rinse off in a calming eucalyptus shower.