As a mom I’m not sure I can completely stand behind it, but as a woman who loves dessert more than she should, I’m ecstatic about this new research. According to the American Psychological Association, research participants in a recent study ate an average of 30% fewer calories when they included dessert at the beginning of their meal, including those who skipped dessert altogether.

What researchers found is that indulging at the beginning caused people to choose healthier options, as well as smaller portions for the options, as well as smaller portions for the the associated guilt feelings it produced). Research has also shown that eating
dessert first makes diners feel fuller at the beginning, also leading to eating less during the rest of the meal.

Now, unfortunately this doesn’t mean we just received permission to eat dessert every day or every meal and expect to stay fit or healthy, but it’s definitely food for though in a variety of ways. Making sure we always clear our plate of all real and proverbial veggies before allowing ourselves a treat many not always e the best approach. Waiting until my plate is cleared of all obligatory tasks before enjoying some of life’s greatest delights may mean never taking that dream vacation, or stopping to soak in the bounty of the world around me.

Here in Park City where beauty surrounds us from every angle, it’s not hard to find special “desserts” around every corner and glorious mountain. And if you’re in the mood for an actual edible dessert, we definitely have that covered too. Here are just a few of our local favorites.

The Edge Steakhouse
Campfire S’mores. Warm chocolate mouse, Rice Krispies®, roasted whiskey marshmallow whip and graham cracker crumbs.

The Farm
Blood Orange Semifreddo. Marzipan cream, balsamic poached plums and candied fennel.

Bourbon Banana Bread Pudding. Tempting texture with each banana bread bite topped with a hot brown sugar and buttery Bourbon sauce.

Hearth and Hill
Sundae Nachos. Chocolate waffle, Pizzle cookies, banana, coconut almond ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, fresh berries, almonds and whipped cream.