Spending more time now than ever before cocooning at home, people are seeing the benefits of sprucing up interior spaces to accommodate home offices and remote learners. Also, while togetherness is good to a point, creating privacy nooks or repurposing rooms so everyone can spread out is important.

With less time commuting to work and more time to stare at the walls, you realize what’s working and what’s not, that maybe interiors are looking a little tired and could use a refresh or an all-out redo.

Until COVID˜19 restrictions requiring masks and social distancing are lifted, some are reluctant to shop in stores or have workmen in their homes. Luckily, tech-savvy designers and easy-to-use home-based computer design programs let clients and homeowners re-envision interior spaces from the comfort of their couch.

“Working with out-of-town clients, we’ve used virtual design tools like Google Slides, Facetime, AutoCad and the 3D Modeling program, Revitt for years,” says Erica LeMaster Sargent, Lead Interior Designer for Salt Lake City’s Hamilton Park Interiors, “but during the pandemic these tools have proven invaluable for our clients, especially for those that struggle with concept visualization. We coordinate screen time appointments at building sites with contractors, especially at the milestones of a home project,” says Sargent. “It’s one more service that we can offer our clients that saves them time and it’s more e˝ cient, whether it’s during the construction phase or designing custom furniture.”

On BBC renovation show, “Your Home Made Perfect” clients pop on virtual reality goggles, and two architects walk them through their potential, fully formed new version of their home before anyone ever picks up a crowbar.

If your budget doesn’t allow for hiring a team of designers, other services enable you to remodel at a much lower cost. Most online interior design services work in a similar way: you answer questions about your budget and style preferences, then an interior designer creates a virtual room with furniture and decor that you can purchase. Services vary in how closely you work with the designer, available products, tech features and pricing.

Some online interior design services let you purchase the products directly through them. This may be convenient if you are buying many items from a variety of retailers, but you can also purchase products on your own. Pottery Barn offers one-on-one design services that will help you create your space at no cost. You’ll only get product recommendations from that company, but it includes sister brands like Pottery Barn Kids and Teen, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, Mark & Graham and Rejuvenation.

To get you started, the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab recommends these services:

• Overall Online Interior Design Service: HAVENLY
• Value Online Interior Design Service: SPACEJOY
• 3D Online Interior Design Service: MODSY
• Hands-on Online Interior Design Service: ROOMLIFT
• Free Online Interior Design Service: POTTERY BARN

If more time at home has taught us anything, it’s important to live in a space you love.