You would think an idyllic mountain town wouldn’t need a sanctuary but when two domestic violence homicides shook the pretty picture of Summit County in the 1990s, the Peace House took shape. Non-profit organizers set to task creating a shelter for those affected by abuse. In 1995, the “Little Red House on Marsac,” with its five bedrooms and two baths, opened its doors.

Twenty-five years later, the Peace House has successfully transitioned to their new community campus near the Park City Hospital and People’s Health Clinic. The 2019 grand opening showcased a more established public setting that welcomed those in need. They no longer have to hide. “We have more beds, more space, more services,” said Sally Tauber, Director of Development and Marketing. “We built this to provide for more people in a caring manner. Some shelters have 10 people in bunks and one toilet. That’s just not dignified.”

The Peace House is a community hub for free domestic violence services and resources for men, women and children, that offers survivors eight emergency shelter rooms (for up to 90 days), a 24/7 crisis helpline, clinical therapy, case management, legal advocacy, sexual assault services, prevention education and permanent housing support. ˜ There’s a Peace room, childcare, playground, pet exercise area and 12 transitional housing units (for up to two years) all within its enclosed spread. Even the fencing, with its artistic elements, is inviting.

Beyond this fence, Peace House provides community outreach and education awareness of domestic violence in local schools in Summit and Wasatch counties. The COVID˛19 pandemic has forced them to go virtual but they actively host Zoom training events, women’s empowerment workshops and individual therapy sessions.

Although the services are targeted towards Summit and Wasatch county residents, they will not turn anyone away; and that includes those on vacation in Park City. Call the hotline at (800) 647-9161. If they can’t help you, the Peace House will connect you to someone who can.