Do you ever feel as though the stress of modern life could sweep you away?

With an endless stream of smartphone messaging, constant communication and the ever-accelerating pace of day-to-day life, how do you find a moment for yourself? At times like these, a spa day is in order. The moment you arrive at Serenity by Westgate, a gentle waft of calming eucalyptus sets your mind at ease. The soft candlelight ambiance and peaceful music beckon you to embrace the tranquility of this oasis.

The first stop in your restful day is the elegant locker rooms. Here you will fi nd your plush robe, sandals, mints and a welcome bag with product samples and a personalized message. Additionally, each locker room offers cold compresses, refreshing cucumbers for your eyes, a eucalyptus steam room and a dry sauna.

Spa guests are welcome to enjoy the amenities throughout their day. Next, unwind in a relaxation room, where you can enjoy a selection of complimentary treats and beverages. From here, your expert Forbes-trained therapist will escort you to your treatment. With three aesthetic rooms, eight massage rooms and a couples’ room, there is truly something for everyone.

Serenity is a superb choice for couples looking to spend quality time together. Th e spa experience offers a variety of co-ed amenities, including a hydrotherapy whirlpool sauna, a variety of popular couples’ massages and a shared relaxation room. Th e most popular of these massages is “Couples Reconnect,” a two-hour service that begins with a shared candlelit bath (complete with a fragrance of your choice, champagne and truffles) and ends with a luxurious eighty-minute massage, including hot oil for your scalp and a shea butter foot treatment.

We could all benefit from an escape, a retreat from the chaos and a chance to truly decompress. Serenity has won Best of State six years in a row because it offers more than a massage. This sanctuary offers a complete spa experience, from an attentive team that genuinely cares to little touches, like a heated pair of fluffy socks to wear home. Treat yourself to true Serenity at this restorative destination spa.