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Winter is warmly welcomed in Park City and in such an iconic resort setting, creative residents enjoy decorating their yards, decks and windows with captivating, colorful displays. And that doesn’t just mean holiday décor. Celebrating the very season of the year that draws most of us here is almost obligatory.


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To prepare any home for winter decoration or entertainment, the first order of business is to invest in a sturdy snowblower and snowplow or hire a service to keep your sidewalks, porches and decks clear of snow. In a ski town where residents pray for snow, such equipment is essential. Alternatively, consider covering outdoor entertainment areas with artificial turf or outdoor area rugs. Doing so makes clearing snow easier.

Front porches and windows are fertile ground for creative winter decor. Proper introductions set the tone when family and friends come a-callin’. Traditional evergreen wreaths adorning front doors, coupled with winter-themed welcome mats or hand-painted welcome signs are endearing and inviting. Hang rustic planters filled with artificial plants and berries from window sills as well. As outdoor enthusiasts, vintage winter skis, toboggans or sleds, firmly attached to exterior walls, make a cheerful statement. Nature lovers may choose to display statues or paintings of moose, bald eagles and other winter wildlife.

Many homes in the area have backyard decks just waiting for winter wardrobes. Seating and lounging furniture, hardy enough to endure harsh winters, are essential to a successful winter soiree. Sturdy couch cushions and pillows add personality and color to the atmosphere.

Among the most popular backyard accouterments are outdoor fire pits. These come in a variety of sizes, shapes and price tags, and were particularly popular during the early months of the pandemic when friends and family often gathered outdoors. Fueled by propane or natural gas, they’re perfect for attracting a backyard gathering on cold winter nights. For even more warmth, invest in a few propane heaters, the kind often seen in contemporary restaurants. To keep the chill away while gathered outside on colder nights, have throws and blankets at the ready in waterproof containers.

Solar-powered lights and lanterns shed light on an outdoor scene. Flanking walkways and decks, they safely guide house guests and visitors. Plug-in strands of multi-colored LED lights, draped on fences or foliage, help illuminate any scene. Flameless candles, scattered liberally around entertainment areas, are safe and tasteful. And who says artificial holiday trees only belong indoors for a few weeks a year. Bring them outside and wrap them with colorful lights and waterproof ribbons. Add winter or ski ornaments and position them at the corners of any deck to frame the scene all winter long. Ornaments also add a dash of color to trees and shrubbery in the yard.

To add sound to color, melodic wind chimes come alive when gentle winds waft through the party. The effect can be magical. To really bring life to any daytime winter outdoor party, hang well-stocked bird feeders in the yard to attract finches, pine siskins, black-capped chickadees and other common wintering birds. Top off the winter ambiance by strategically spreading evergreen boughs and pine cones throughout. A quick trip to our local forests and canyons will yield all the accessories you’ll need.

Outdoor winter decorating is the perfect excuse for adventurous folks to prowl through thrift stores in search of unique or quirky adornments. Old signs, often illuminated, and “funky” objets d’art spark laughter and conversation and add charm to any winter scene.

Decorating your outdoor space for winter encourages both cheerful creativity and a playful spirit. Do-it-yourself winterscapes can bring merriment and enjoyment all season long.

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