Team Schlopy is synonymous with owning homes in Park City and owning the podium on the ski slopes.

For over a quarter of a century, the family-style and performance-driven approach of Team Schlopy brings diversity and innovation to real estate in and around Park City. Working as a team with their clients, Team Schlopy is dedicated to both selling and living the Park City lifestyle. Get to know Team Schlopy with this intimate Q & A with Marny, the family matriarch.

When did you move to Park City? What compelled you to move from Vermont?
In 1992, Kent and I decided to move to Park City. Kent shut down his business in the skiing industry that he had since 1973. We loved skiing out west and wanted to locate in a place where our adult children would visit us.

Is the entire family involved in the real estate business?
Our son-in-law, Kevin Crockett, started selling with us in 2002. Then, in 2014, after a very successful career in ski racing, Erik joined our team.

When you are not skiing or selling, what do you enjoy the most about the Park City lifestyle?
We love the outdoors. Th e weather in Park City is conducive to all of our other sports—golfi ng, biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

What makes selling homes in Park City both simple and challenging at the same time?
Selling homes in Park City is fun because buyers are looking for their “play” homes. Often, our clients are so successful that they do not have to sell or buy. Instead, it is a lifestyle choice and, sometimes, pricing can be a challenge.

What does the Schlopy family enjoy most during the winter?
Our entire family skis together on my birthday, December 11th. I shared my birthday with Stein Eriksen. We attend sporting events that our grandchildren participate in like indoor soccer, swimming and ski racing. Every Sunday evening, we have family supper together, too.

Since the arrival of Team Schlopy in 1992, how has Park City changed?
It has really changed. We came to a sleepy little town with three lights from I-80 to the resort. Now, there are 11 lights and multiple lanes of traffic.

What is the one thing that you and Kent love most about the new Park City?
The outskirts of the city, like Kimball Junction and Pinebrook, are thriving with new retail, new recreational facilities and new restaurants.

Team Schlopy has always been a big supporter of the local nonprofits in Park City. How do you continue to make a difference year after year?
For me, I champion Tee it Up for Cancer Research. I also work to support Crohn’s Disease research.

Our daughter-in-law, Summer, is an advocate for Right to Play, an organization that ensures access to educational play for children at risk.

Finally, Erik’s nonprofit, The World Cup Dreams Foundation, provides support and funding for snow-sports athletes.

Where does Team Schlopy go after a long day or to celebrate?
We love Adolph’s. It has been here since we arrived and, along with great food, Adolph tells the skiing history of Park City with photos. There are pictures of our family along with numerous famous skiing celebrities.

What is the one piece of advice you would tell someone thinking about moving to Park City?
Get ready to have the time of your life.

by Julie Hooker