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For Immediate Release – Friday, March 8, 2019

Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties

Contact: Melanie Seus, Development Director


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 PARK CITY, UTAH March 8, 2019 –Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties has been serving the local community for more than 20 years, and during that time, AmeriCorps members have greatly enhanced their capacity to do so. As a result, they will be celebrating National AmeriCorps week during March 10-16th, honoring the service AmeriCorps members provide to improve communities around the country.

Habitat for Humanity -Summit and Wasatch CountySince 1995, Habitat of Summit & Wasatch Counties has hosted more than 35 AmeriCorps members to help with projects such as volunteer program development, new home builds, community needs assessments, and organizational sustainability. Their current AmeriCorps VISTA, Jourdan Hoffman, is dedicating one year on improvements to their ReStore operations – a social enterprise business that generates funding for Habitat’s affordable housing programs.

Jourdan explains, “Applying to be an AmeriCorps VISTA was a perfect route for me to pursue post-graduation because I not only get to work on my personal professional development, but I also get to make an impact on local communities while doing so. My time so far with Habitat for Humanity Summit & Wasatch Counties has been incredibly influential.”

AmeriCorps members like Jourdan provide host agencies the necessary bandwidth to make advances in their organizational development that would take much longer otherwise. They also provide a unique and fresh perspective in their work that long-time employees may not be able to offer.

While Jourdan’s year of service will end with Habitat in August, the local affiliate is currently seeking their next AmeriCorps member to serve as a construction crew lead on their upcoming build project- two single family homes in Park City’s new Silver Creek Village development. This position will be instrumental in helping Habitat increase their home production capacity as they move into higher density projects.

 Since the program’s inception in 1994, more than 10,148 AmeriCorps members have worked with Habitat’s around the country to serve more than 109,830 individuals. For more information about becoming involved in Habitat’s AmeriCorps program, visit: www.habitat.org/volunteer/long-term-opportunities/americorps


About Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties:

Founded in 1995, Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties, Utah (“Habitat”) is one of more than 1,500 affiliates working at the grassroots level in more than 70 countries helping to transform lives and communities through affordable housing programs. Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has helped more than 6.8 million people meet their affordable housing needs. More than 2 million volunteers are mobilized annually to build, advocate and raise awareness about the local and global need for shelter.  In 2016, Habitat for Humanity was recognized as the ‘Most Trusted’ and ‘Most Loved’ nonprofit in the social services sector. 

Locally, Habitat for Humanity addresses affordable housing issues through our home build, repair, education, advocacy and referral programs. Last year we served more than 400 low and moderate-income individuals through our unique combination of program services. More information about Habitat for Humanity of Summit and Wasatch Counties can be found at www.habitat-utah.org

Melanie Seus, Development Director

Habitat for Humanity of Summit & Wasatch Counties

Phone: 435.658.1400 Ext. 1008

PO Box 682704

Park City, Utah 84068

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