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Considering it boasts therapeutic massage services, a cozy repose room, juice bar, meditation and yoga classes, personalized nutrition consultations, LEED certification, and a spacious conference center for health and fitness lectures, it’s easy to confuse the new addition at Park City Hospital with a luxury wellness spa.

Indeed, it is luxurious. And it is committed to health and wellness. But the hospital’s 82,000-square-foot expansion offers much more than a relaxing place to rejuvenate.

“Our new building was designed to have three main purposes,” explains Park City Hospital administrator, Si Hutt. “First, it is a place to heal. That’s why on the top level, you’ll find our Specialty Clinic doctors: OB/GYN, dermatology, general surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, urology, pain management, allergy and more. Second, it is a place for wellness. And on the main level, you’ll find our LiVe Well Center, which is dedicated to preventing diseases and managing chronic conditions through lifestyle choices. Thirdly, it is a place to learn, and so on the ground floor you’ll find our education and conference center,” Hutt added.

The Blair Education & Conference Center boasts seating for up to 500 and several smaller breakout rooms, including one designed for group yoga or meditation classes. Amenities like meeting planning, onsite catering and a state-of-the-art AV system are also available. When not rented for medical conferences, the hospital intends to use the space for community education, offering a variety of nationally known wellness experts.
“Our goal is to bring information and ideas to our community and then help individuals continue their personal wellness journey with services offered in our LiVe Well Center,” Hutt explained.

Th ose services include everything from high-end sports performance testing, to personalized nutritional and fitness evaluations, sleep assessments and lifestyle consultations.

“And of course, when people do need traditional hospital services, we’re here to off er exceptional emergency, surgical and medical care as well,” added Hutt.

By Amy Roberts

SOURCEAmy Roberts
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