The neighbors in Pinebrook may not “own” Roxie the Moose, but they do love her and want what is best for her.

Roxie has lived in and around Park City for almost 15 years. Although she does have chronic health issues, she always manages to get along and had two beautiful twin calves this past year.

One of the main reasons Roxie has been able to thrive in our area is due to the fact she knows where all the resources are. She spends most of her time in the Pinebrook neighborhood, where she is safer from predation than she would be “in the wild.”
During the summer, a concerned citizen saw Roxie wandering around the Pinebrook community. Unaware of Roxie’s unique condition the individual called the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

DWR subdued Roxie and administered medical care. The typical protocol for DWR is to relocate moose that require treatment. Thankfully, local residents’ saw what was happening and were able to speak to DWR and explain the situation. Thanks to DWR’s willingness to listen, Roxie was turned loose aft er her treatments.

As a mountain community we understand the protocol and necessity of animal relocation, however, we also recognize that each situation is unique. Th e crisis with Roxie could have easily gone another way, but with DWR’s understanding and compassion, Roxie was kept safe and is still thriving and living in the neighborhood she knows so well.

We can all be advocates for our local wildlife, and can help protect them by donating to Save People Save Wildlife of Summit County at

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