Walking into the showroom you will be dazzled by the broad array of lighting options. Located at a prime location in Park City, 1351 Kearns Boulevard, customers are able to preview modern to classical chandeliers, elegant pendants, ceiling fans, table lamps, as well as beautiful sconces and wall mounts. Alongside the vast exhibit of lighting options are matching tables, mirrors, floor lamps and a variety of exquisite painting and pictures.

Wasatch Lighting’s name is known throughout the local building community as major contributors to lighting within many elegant housing projects. Over the past 22 years, Wasatch Lighting expanded its company’s core competencies with a broad lineup of custom made lighting. Th rough networking, and building working relationship with a multitude of manufacturers, the company has produced the ability to create and fill custom orders orders in a timely fashion.

If you ask the team what their core strength is, they will tell you: it’s the ability to work with their clients to achieve exactly what they are looking for. Kyle Maynard, showroom manager, has learned to “really listen to the customer to find out what they desire in terms of lighting for their home.” Th e team knows that each client is different and has their own unique style.

“We would not have been able to do it without a friendly sales staff .”

The owners of the company, Billy and Kandace Maynard, have been working together at coaching their personnel so that they can truly serve their customers. “With over fifteen years of experience, alongside the knowledge of the latest lighting trends, our company has been able to reach the next level of lighting consulting. Our staff are helpful in assisting our customers with lighting choices for all the rooms in their home. We work to balance light, to control a mood, and to create a personality for a room through various methods of lighting choices such as color temperature, voltage, and design.”

But of course, seeing is believing in this particular industry! So, stop by one of Wasatch Lighting’s stores to take it all in!